Internet Media Tours

What is an Internet Media Tour?

An Internet Media Tour (IMT) is a media tour that targets almost any media outlet with an online edition. An IMT connects a spokesperson with media outlets to discuss your brand's message, announcement, or product/service and produces 12-20 one-on-one interviews booked by Focus Fish Media. For the media outlets, we give them valuable video content their visitors will want to watch.

During each Internet Media Tour interview, the spokesperson and the reporter/influencer/host talk and a video feed of the interview is streamed online for the media outlet to share with its visitors in real-time. Shortly after each interview is complete, the outlet will receive a video file of the interview for publishing on the outlet's site. The video will continue to generate impressions each day it remains online -- potentially for many months.

What is the Internet Media Tour process?

To conduct an Internet Media Tour, Focus Fish Media will work with the client to determine the type and focus of the tour's media target. Once the media target is confirmed, Focus Fish Media will create a pitch and send it to the client for approval. The ideal amount of time for pitching is three weeks, but a tour can be booked in less time, if needed. The client will receive regular updates on the tour's bookings through our real time reporting site until the tour date.

The day prior to the tour, Focus Fish Media will set up on-location and conduct a walk through with the client to confirm the set's look and anticipated flow of the interview match the client's expectations. The day of the tour, all of the scheduled interviews typically take place during a four (4) hour time window. Any client not already on-site can remotely view each interview online as each interview will have a separate viewing page. After the tour, Focus Fish Media will edit the video from each interview and send them to the media outlets so they can post to their interview online. The client will receive regular monitoring/coverage reports once the videos have been sent to the outlets through our real time reporting site.


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