While Internet Media Tours (IMT) are designed for one-on-one media interviews, an Internet Video Release (IVR) is a simple and low cost way to distribute a release and multimedia content through the major wire services and news organizations.  An IVR can extend the exposure of a media tour, and we often do this in conjunction with an IMT.
Beyond the major news organizations and wire services, like Reuters, Bloomberg, LA Times and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, we post your IVR to the leading user generated video websites.
Posting and distribution of online video boosts your media outreach by:

  • – Growing the potential audience reach and media impressions¬†
  • – Increasing Web site traffic back to your site
  • – Improving visibility and ranking in search engines, like Google and Yahoo
  • – Extending your media exposure for a long as the videos remain online

An IVR can also include a media micro site landing page to easily house media materials and multimedia files.