Summer Design Ideas Internet Media Tour with HGTV’s Kristan Cunningham

HGTV’s Kristan Cunningham shares summer projects anyone can complete to help their home look great in one hour, one day or a weekend.  A total of 16 interviews were booked for the tour which generated more than 75 million unique impressions and included placements in, Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Denver Post.

Below are three of the tips Kristan shared during her interviews along with a video from the media tour.

Project for 1 Hour

Unexpected Garden Moments: Add a thoughtfully placed item, such as an urn, pedestal or fountain, to make an artistic statement while creating a visual destination (focal point).

Project for 1 Day

Entries with Personality: The front door and a few elements surrounding it are your first opportunity to showcase your family’s personality. A zippy door color, the right light fixture, a special approach to the house or apartment numbers and a pair of container gardens provide the welcome statement you want.

Projects for a Weekend

Beauty Underfoot: Showcase your design aesthetic by outfitting your porch with a truly custom, stenciled floor. It’s a great way to take the color story created by your interior and exterior colors to create a seamless look throughout the home.

Kristan Cunningham discusses DIY summer design ideas for the home.