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What is a Co-Op Internet Media Tour?

A Co-Op Internet Media Tour (IMT) means two or more sponsors are participating in the same tour. The messaging from both sponsors are seamlessly integrated into the consumer story and the cost of the project is shared by the participating clients.

For example, a car care product company and a car manufacture could join the same tour to offer “Easy Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking Great This Summer”. Only complementary (non-competing) brands will appear in the same tour.

During the Co-Op IMT, the spokesperson conducts multiple one-on-one interviews with media outlets, usually within a 4-6 hour window. During each interview, the reporter/blogger/host talk has a few minutes one-on-one with the spokesperson.

A video feed of the interview is streamed online for the media outlet to share with its Web visitors in real-time. The visual in the video feed is the spokesperson along with any cuts to b-roll or product displays/demonstrations. Shortly after each interview is complete, the outlet will receive an HD (or the size they request) video file of the interview to post to their site. The video will continue to generate impressions each day it remains online — potentially for many months.

What is included in a Co-Op IMT?

Our goal is to produce a tour that provides maximum return on your investment, and we guarantee 15-20 bookings the day of the tour. Our dedicated media relations team has the longest record of booking quality Internet Media Tours, and we will always make sure your target markets/media are our focus.

Tour sponsors are accepted on a first come, first-served basis and tours are capped at no more than three (3) products, unless otherwise noted.

Important Tour Information:

  • Cost is all inclusive on Atlanta based tours with two (2) or more sponsors
  • No additional costs for lead spot
  • Qualified and bookable spokesperson
  • Five-hour (5) tour window (Unless otherwise noted)
  • Scheduled time for each client to review talking points with the talent before the day of tour
  • Weekly audience reach reports
  • Live streaming video of the tour

What type of media are included in a Co-Op Internet Media Tour?

An advantage of Internet Media Tours, over traditional media tours, is the diversity of potential media outlets to target. Almost any outlet with an online edition can be included in the tour. Those include:

  • National/Local Newspapers
  • National/Local Magazines
  • Online News Outlets
  • Blogs
  • Business Publications
  • Trade Journals
  • Member Publications for Associations and Organizations