Radio Media Tours (RMT) are a series of radio interviews with stations across the country or in specific media markets. 

Focus Fish Media will always brainstorm story ideas with you and your team at no charge. 

Our RMTs include:

  • Drafting a media alert and suggested lead-in questions
  • Pitch media/provide booking updates
  • Dedicated producer for each interview
  • Full reporting with audience numbers and digital copies of all interviews

Successful Radio Interview Tips

Below is a list of basic tips to help a spokesperson understand the radio format and deliver a successful interview.

  • Be Proactive. There is not a lot of time to deliver messaging, so use the introduction by the on-air talent as a spring board to deliver the recommended radio tips. Go through the messaging until either the interviewer interrupts or all the tips have been delivered. Being proactive decreases the involvement needed by the interviewer and increases available talk time for the spokesperson. An interviewer forced to take the lead is more likely to ask unrelated questions. Don’t wait for the interviewer to ask the right questions.  
  • Then Step Back. Once the key tips have been given, slowly step back and allow the interviewer to ask follow up questions. Generally these follow up questions will relate to what the spokesperson just discussed.  

Give Expert Advice. The radio stations want to interview an expert, not a spokesperson. Provide them what they want, expert advice, with branding lightly sprinkled in the response. 

  • Give a Call to Action. At the end of the interview, the on-air talent will almost always ask where listeners can go to find more information. Whether they ask this or not, always try to end the interview by offering a Web site address, phone number or physical location. 
  • Sound Natural. Jotting down a few notes is good preparation for the radio interviews, but scripting a prepared response is not a good idea. Reading prepared answers during an interview will sound canned and unnatural.