Focus Fish Media offers solutions for professionally produced webinars and online events.

From streaming live web video during a red carpet event to creating an online press conference for a product launch, Focus Fish Media can give your team a way to broadcast any event, meeting or media project online.

Our team will:

– Create a custom event website to host the event or help with embedding it to an online destination you designate
– Provide all cameras and necessary equipment for steaming your event
– Test the live stream on-site with you
– Provide on-site live stream support to quickly troubleshoot
– Archive your video online after the event


Our team will create a custom webpage to host your event online or provide your web team with code to host everything on your site. We will also run internet speed tests at the venue hosting the event.

At the Event

Our production team is on site the day of the event.  This includes all camera setup and testing, live stream testing and event production.  We also offer phone, web and e-mail technical support options for audience members.

What’s Included

Packages include 1-3 cameras, up to four microphones for video, lighting for small venue, director on location, web encoding producer on location and master recording of the program.  Custom packages, including additional cameras are available.

Post Event

After the event, we will assist your web team in posting video of the event online and provide detailed metrics on event attendance.